Engine repair

We are talking about an engine repair. Any breakage is repairable but generally requires a partial or complete diagnosis and dismantling in order to figure out the exact damage of the engine and the cost of the repair. The desasembly of the engine may include more or fewer steps and new parts needed, depending opn the engine's condition, which necessarily vary its price. The result is, however, much better than a used engine because your engine just started a new life on a healty and new basis. It is the engine you know, it is repaired and guaranteed 1 year.


* Taking compressions to diagnose the breakdown and the type of disassembly to be undertaken (complete engine, cylinder head, distribution, etc.)

* Disassembly according to diagnosis and analysis of the state of the various components of the engine (distribution, cylinder head, valves, pistons, segments, crankshaft etc.)

* Realization of the exact quote, rectification of the necessary elements or replacement (cylinder head, block, crankshaft, etc.)

* Reassembly of the revised elements with new seals and new parts according to the estimate.

* Reassembling the engine in the vehicle and performing the usual tests.

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